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Getting Started

There is not much that needs to happen to get started on a 300 calorie per meal diet.

However, 300 calories per meal is based on a 1500 calories per day diet, and is only a base to start. Some individuals may need more or less calories per meal.

Lets take the simple route in figuring out “about” how many calories you should eat per day. This is something you may also want to consult with your doctor on. Your height and body type will give a better judgement on how many calories you should eat per day.

But again, lets take the easy route for now:

Step 1) Write down the weight you want to be at. Example, 165 lbs.

Step 2) Multiply your weight by 10. Example, 165 X 10 = 1,650

Step 3) The number you come up with is the number of calories you should eat in a day

Step 4) Try to keep track of the number of calories you may be burning from exercise. These can be added back into your diet. For example, you burn 280 calories in a workout, you could actually have 1,930 calories (1,650 + 280)