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Ham Sandwich and Cheese Crackers

22 September 2011 No Comment

Many individuals will simply grab a pack of crackers for a snack or a quick one bread sandwich. However, making sure you have 300 calories during snack time would allow you to have both. This will not only cure your hunger for the moment, but it will last much longer.

This snack doesn’t take but a few minute or so to fix, then another few minutes to eat. So, time should not be an issue.

Step 1: Pull out one slice of bread. I like white bread over wheat, but that is your call.

Step 2: Get out your pack of cheese crackers. Any pack of 6 crackers like this would be fine as well.

Step 3: Put your two slices of ham onto your bread. This doesn’t NEED to be two slices, but for my sandwich it needed to be around 25 calories worth.

Step 4: Simply open up your pack of cheese crackers

Step 5: Calorie free mustard is optional. If you can down on calories somewhere else. You can add other condoments that have a few calories

Step 6: Fold up your sandwich!

Make sure to watch the video to see all of the steps and what this 300 calorie snack meal looks like.

Used in Video:

1 Slice Great Value Bread – 80 Calories

2 Slices Land O’ Frost Smoked Ham – 25 Calories

1 Pack Austin’s Cheese Crackers – 190 Calories

Total = About 295 Calories